We are a software company. We offer technical expertise, analysis & development.

Software R&D

We integrate a data-centric approach focusing on the business logic. We prefer to be part of a project from the start, analysing business needs & offering technical advice. Primarily, we look for existing software solutions, if required we extend with a custom interface/api. Only if no match is found we offer a custom developed solution that is performant, secure & compliant.

We strive to be a technology partner. Offering our technical experience to solve problems and deliver actual solutions.

Data compliance & governance

Ideally, data governance is integrated in the very beginning of a project. However in reality this is often an afterthought. We can expect data privacy laws to become more regulated and enforced in the future, so the need to upgrade or replace existing applications will arrive sooner or later.

We can assist in transforming existing software to be GDPR compliant, offering tools & advice to deliver a fully compliant solution.

Data Compliance

Blockchain adoption

It is clear blockchain technology can offer benefits to many applications. At the same time it is often hyped up and implemented without a real added value.

First of all, what we can do is analyse the actual need for blockchain integration. Secondly we assist in designing an implementation track & the required software architecture. Finally, we can manage the project from start to finish and implement a solution.



Cyber Security

Red Robot in cooperation with Jimber, experts in Cyber Security.

We offer a set of solutions to analyse and enhance your companies IT security needs.

> Browser Isolation
> Web App Isolation
> Digital Vault
> Penetration Testing
> Security Audit

Cyber Security

Use cases

Some recent projects


A fully custom CMS with integrated tools to manage employee training, resource planning, finance administration etc.